Computer Adventures

I recently had to do an internet recovery on my MacBook Pro. And reload all of my programs and files. Luckily I had already moved the vast majority of my files onto my NAS. Also it helped me realize that I had a lot of junk on my laptop.

From programs that I didn’t use to files left over from programs that didn’t clean up after themselves all the way. You would think that programs would delete files used to store settings and temp files. But, no, they don’t. I’m looking at you Adobe. Old Flash Player files?? Why?

I also tried putting in a Noctua fan inside my ReadyNAS. I didn’t work. My best guess is that the fan that Netgear uses is at higher amps than the Noctua fan. They both used the PWM (4-pin) fan interface, but the Noctua didn’t start up. And I know that it works. Put the old fan, loud fan back in and it starts working. My guess is that the motherboard is looking for a certain fan speed/amps, doesn’t see it and thinks that there’s no fan attached.

I can’t get into bios settings on the ReadyNAS, so there’s no way to tell why a lower amp fan wouldn’t work. Beacuse a quieter fan would be nice. Just saying.

And lastly, I cleaned my mousepad for the first time since getting it years ago. The result? It looks like it’s brand new. Not joking. I put it in the sink, added some soap, scrubbed it a bit. And voila! A brand new looking mousepad. Surprisingly, whatever glue that is being used to hold the cloth part to the rubber bottom held up well to the scrubbing. Not any part that I scrubbed really hard feels loose.

Well, that’s it for now.

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