Computer Adventures

I recently had to do an internet recovery on my MacBook Pro. And reload all of my programs and files. Luckily I had already moved the vast majority of my files onto my NAS. Also it helped me realize that I had a lot of junk on my laptop.

From programs that I didn’t use to files left over from programs that didn’t clean up after themselves all the way. You would think that programs would delete files used to store settings and temp files. But, no, they don’t. I’m looking at you Adobe. Old Flash Player files?? Why?

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Contact Form

Added a contact form. And it works! The only problem that I had is that I think the php version being used requires a name, email address, subject, and a message. I tried various combinations and that was the only way that the email would actually be sent to me. Anything else and I think the server flags it as spam or as a malformed email and drops it before it’s even sent out. Oh well.


Welcome to my site! I’m Kevin Marciniak. I grew up in Michigan City, IN and still live in Michigan City. I have one cat, named Adonis. And have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Valparaiso University.

This is my technology and programming blog. Please enjoy!